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Echo CS-2511 TESC 10" Lightweight Petrol Chainsaw

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Echo CS-2511 TESC 10" Lightweight Petrol Chainsaw

The CS-2511 TESC 10" (25cm) has become a favourite for the arborist, climber and foresters from around the world. The CS-2511 TESC 10” (25cm) is crammed with innovative features, including grouped controls, a gauge bar and chain for a faster and cleaner cut, as well as a new ergonomic top handle, making this chainsaw a brilliant climbing saw.

Weighing just 2.3kg (dry weight) the CS-2511 TESC 10" (25cm) model is Echo’s lightest and most compact saw. With its ergonomic, compact design, this saw is highly manoeuvrable as well as being able to be used for long periods of time - helping to reduce user fatigue. 

Features include:

  • Dry Weight - 2.3kg
  • Output - 1.10kW
  • Fuel Tank Capacity - 0.19 litres 
  • Oil Tank Capacity - 0.14 litres 
  • Guide Bar Length - 10” (25cm)
  • Saw Chain Pitch - 3/8”
  • Gauge - 0.050”
  • Echo X Series
  • 25.0cc Premium Grade Echo Engine - Increased performance, extended product life and less downtime
  • 0.043 Gauge Carving Bar and Chain - Lighter than 0.050 gauge. For a cleaner cut
  • Easy Start - Spring assisted starting system for quick, almost effortless starting. Just one or two gentle pulls of the recoil will start the engine. A warm engine will usually start with one half pull of the recoil rope
  • Low Emissions - Stage 2 compliant low emission engine means reduced exhaust emissions
  • Tool-less Air Filter Cover - For easy air filter access, even when wearing gloves

£432.50 Excl. VAT

£519.00 Inc. VAT


With the CS-2511 TESC 10" (25cm) having so many useful features, this chainsaw is the perfect tool for commercial operators looking to make light work of those big jobs!

This model weighs just 2.3kg, with a premium grade, low emission, Echo engine producing and output of 1.10kW, the saw is both highly manoeuvrable and usable for long periods with little fatigue.

Further features include:

  • Inertia-type Chain Brake - A safety feature. Dual-post chain brake handle for increased durability
  • Side Access Chain Tensioner - Allows easy chain adjustment
  • Digital C.D.I - Gives smooth, quick acceleration and stable idle
  • Anti-icing System - Stops the carburettor from freezing in colder months
  • G-Force engine Air Pre-Cleaner - Reduces engine exposure to dirt and debris for less maintenance
  • Meshed Louvers in Body - Prevent pine needle and debris penetration
  • Rotating Chain Catcher - Protects the user from injury / Prevents chain damage
  • Starter Grip Assist Cap Opener - Helps the user to open the oil/fuel caps, even when wearing gloves
  • Dropout Prevention Nut - Held on with wire spring – the nuts can’t be lost during maintenance
  • Oiler Adjustment on Top - Enables easier operator access
  • Swing-out Lanyard Ring - Frees up operator’s hands for easier and safer climbing
  • Wider Tank Openers - For easy oil/fuel refilling
  • Optional Debris Shield - Prevents debris penetration


*Please note: This chainsaw is to be used by trained professional tree surgeons only. You will be required to show an appropriate chainsaw qualification on collection*

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