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A Simple Guide to Lawn Care

Posted on 30th January 2018

After a few baron months of cold and wet weather, the time for pruning and maintaining your garden is just around the corner. To ensure your outdoor space is in tip-top condition for the warmer months, Oak Garden Machinery outline how mowers, roller and other lawn care techniques can have your garden looking green in no time.


One of the most common mistakes gardeners make when tending to their lawns is the amount of water they subject their grass to. Throughout the winter and the early spring, natural rainfall should ensure your grass stays healthily hydrated, but it is also important to monitor the weather and give your lawn a trickle of water if there is the occasional dry spell in this period. During the summer, however, it can be tempting to water your grass every 5 minutes. The simple fact of the matter is that, even in the height of summer, you only need to water your lawn twice a week for 15 minutes. The time in which you water your lawn is just as important, too. If the temperature is too high, the water will evaporate before it has time to reach the roots, so water your lawn in the morning and give it enough time to soak into the soil. Basic lawn care is not about doing the fanciest things, but more about doing the simple things right, so to achieve a nice, healthy lawn, keep it simple.


Similarly to watering, gardeners can also be prone to mowing their lawn too often. In the winter, when the grass is often longer due to a rise in rainfall, there is no point in braving the harsh conditions and dragging the mower around your garden. Unless the weather is relatively dry for that time of year and there is a lack of moisture, then you should leave the mowing until the spring and the summer. ‘Little and often’ is the mantra of basic lawn care, and this can be applied to mowing, too. During the summer, mowing twice a week will keep your garden trim and tidy, and if there is a period of drought, restrict your mowing efforts to once a week. It is important to keep as much moisture in the ground as possible without oversaturating the ground, so be conservative with your mowing.


If you are seeding your grass to aid growth or to add nutrients to the soil, you may wish to consider rolling the seeds into the lawn. Although this technique may improve the health of your lawn, you must proceed with caution in order to keep your garden looking healthy. Be sure to only roll if there is some moisture on the ground, and, for the most part, it is best to use a light roller to avoid your ground being pressed and appearing flat and trodden. Usually, a garden can survive without seeding, but if it has been damaged or mistreated beforehand, seeding and rolling may help restore a sense of livelihood to your lawn.

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