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How to Service a Lawn Mower

Posted on 17th November 2017

With frosty mornings becoming ever present, it can only mean one thing: winter is coming. As the temperature begins to dip and the weather takes a turn for the worst, the majority of homeowners will lock their gardening tools away for the off-season. Although gardening may be shifted to the back of any homeowners mind while winter settles in, the colder months provide the perfect time to carry out some routine maintenance work on all your gardening materials, specifically your lawn mower. In their latest blog, Oak Garden Machinery walk you through how to service a lawn mower and how these steps will benefit you once spring rolls around.

Visual Inspection

When learning how to service a lawn mower, the very first step must be to inspect the chassis of your mower and check for any noticeable signs of debris or wear and tear. Start by smoothing the outer body of your mower over with a warm, damp cloth and work out any tough marks. This may not have an outstanding effect on the performance of your mower, but it will make the whole machine appear neater and cleaner.

Inspect the Blades

The most important part of any lawn mower maintenance is to inspect the blades. As these are the pieces which are responsible for cutting your grass, having unhealthy blades will not only leave you with a poor finish to your lawn, but they will also have a detrimental effect on your engine performance and fuel consumption. Be sure to remove the spark plug of your lawn mower and inspect the state of your blades; if you see any signs of wear, either sharpen the blades yourself or replace them completely. When the time comes for the first cut of the new year, you will see a huge improvement in the quality of your lawn.

Clean the Air Filter

On the subject of fuel consumption, inspecting the air filter will drastically improve the performance of your lawn mower, making this one of the most crucial steps in learning how to service a lawn mower. When servicing the air filter, make sure you empty it and clean out all the ports of any blockages and, if needs be, wash the filter with warm water to dislodge any stubborn pieces of debris and dry it thoroughly.

These handy tips and tricks will hopefully provide the answer to the question of ‘how to service a lawn mower’ so make sure your lawn mower is ready for the spring and follow these tips. For more information on all of our products and services, contact Oak Garden Machinery today on 0800 246 5371.