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The Must Have Gardening Tools for Winter Maintenance

Posted on 9th November 2017

Maintaining your garden during the winter is a world away from the work you undertake during the summer months. Lock the lawnmower away, roll your garden hose up and get ready for the hard graft that is winter gardening. With this collection of must-have gardening tools for winter maintenance, oak Garden Machinery explain which tools you will need for the baron months and why they will ensure your garden is fresh and pristine come spring.


During the summer, ensuring your lawn has enough moisture is essential for keeping your grass green and healthy. In the winter, however, gardeners are faced with a completely different dilemma. During the months which see the highest rates of rainfall, it is important to prevent your lawn from becoming oversaturated, and a pitchfork is the right tool for the job. By pricking your lawn consistently during spells of rainfall, you will be assisting the lawn with its natural drainage system and you will also improve the lawns aeration process. Puddles are poisonous for lawns, especially when combined with the cold weather, so avoid brown patches being left on your lawn and get busy with your pitchfork.


On the subject of brown patches on your lawn, leaves also play their part in this very common problem. Piles of leaves trap moisture on a lawn and also restrict sunlight to the grass, so removing these leaves with a leafblower will help free your grass from saturation and will also bless it with sunlight.

Why not consider our very own Leaf Blower & Vacuum to help make the chore of ridding your garden of leaves quick and easy?


The health of your garden extends further than your lawn. During the winter months, your trees and shrubs face a particularly troubling time. Garden shears should be a permanent fixture in your collection of gardening tools, so make sure you put them to use when the cold and the wet settles in. Be sure to trim and strip any shrubs or branches that are diseased to prevent the problem from spreading, and trim any bushes down to size for the winter.

Gardening Tool Kits

If you are looking to invest in a ready-made kit of routine garden maintenance, then look no further than our gardening tool kits to make sure you are fully prepared for the winter months.

To see more of our gardening tools, take a look around our site and contact us for more information on any of our products and services by calling us on 0800 246 5371.