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How to Make Your Garden Winter Ready

Posted on 13th October 2017

With summer having been and gone, the time for admiring your luscious green garden is over as winter creeps ever nearer. Before all your hard, gardening work disappears over the colder months, however, make sure you follow these essential tips and tricks from Oak Garden Machinery to make sure your garden is winter ready.

Winter Lawn Care

Before the wet and windy conditions of winter strike, it is important to get all the menial chores out of the way. To make your garden winter ready, be sure to remove any fallen leaves from your turf and dispose of them properly, as a layer of leaves will shield your grass from much needed sunlight, resulting in brown patches across your lawn. To make this process easier and far less arduous, why not invest in one of our high quality leaf blowers to make the task of clearing leaves quicker and easier.

On the subject of lawn care, it is advised to cut your grass as late into autumn as possible. Leaving your grass too long during winter will result in more brown patches once snow begins to fall. Other useful techniques to preserve the health of your lawn consist of aerating your lawn to relieve any compaction and to improve the drainage when the wet conditions rear their head.

Make your Whole Garden Winter Ready

The general premise of ensuring your garden is winter ready is making sure that there are no areas which are going to be resigned to weeks of shade and bogged down with water and moisture. Avid gardeners will brave the wintery conditions to shift any snow from their lawns and to drain the grass, but if you class yourself as more of a fair weather gardener, there are some things you can do to ensure your garden remains healthy through the cold months. You want to maximize sunlight in your garden, so if there are any objects, such as sheds or high rising bushes, which restrict the sunlight to certain areas of your garden, jove them or trim them. Protect any flower beds and plantation areas by covering the soil with raked leaves, as this layer will absorb any excess moisture, preventing your beds from flooding.

With this collection of essential gardening tips and tricks, your garden should make it through to the spring, leaving you with a vibrant and characterful outdoor space. Make sure you are well equipped to make your garden winter ready by enlisting the help and support of Oak Garden Machinery’s extensive range of gardening products. Contact us today on 0800 246 5371 or leave us a message via our online form.