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A Guide to Landscaping and Construction Equipment

Posted on 5th February 2018

Although the majority of homeowners will be saving their mowing and pruning for the warmer months, landscapers and professional gardeners work all year round to keep outdoor spaces looking trim and tidy. To carry out work at an industrious scale, however, the equipment will also need to be industry standard. In their latest blog post, Oak Garden Machinery provide a guide to landscaping and construction equipment and how these tools are used to maintain all types of outdoor spaces.

Strimmers & Grass Cutters

One of the most common pieces of landscaping and construction equipment used on an industrial scale are strimmers and grass cutters. To trim the edges of gardens, fields and other outdoor areas, wire strimmers effortlessly cut through overgrown grass, leaving your with a measured and refined lawn. To carry out this line of work on a larger scale, workers may also invest in wheeled cutters to mow through large areas of overgrown lawn quickly and efficiently.

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Trees can be the focal point of any garden, but often, landscaping and construction equipment such as chainsaws can be used to design, mould or remove these features from a garden. Tree surgeons are not strictly reserved for removing trees; often, they have a high-level of training for pruning and landscaping, so they can be hired to manipulate trees to fit your desired garden design. As mentioned above, chainsaws can be used to fell, prune and redesign, so if you have plans for the tree in your garden, hire a tree surgeon and make them put their chainsaw to work.

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Pressure Washers

Landscaping and construction equipment is not all about chopping, mowing and excavating; in some cases, it is about freshening up the ornaments and furniture of your garden. Pressure washers, particularly petrol and diesel pressure washers, are great for washing and cleaning patios, deckings and other pieces of garden furniture quickly and easily. A high pressured wash will rid all of your garden features of grime and dirt, making it the perfect tool for freshening up the entirety of your outdoor space.


Landscapers and professional gardeners regularly carry out industrious and arduous work, and with that nature of work occurring on a day to day basis, it is important to have the right personal protective equipment for the job. With everything from ear protectors, face masks and safety goggles, Oak Garden Machinery stock a wide range of personal protection equipment, fit for a number of industries, to ensure your safety when handling any piece of landscaping and construction equipment.

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