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Gardening Contractors: What Do They Use?

Posted on 21st February 2018

Although regular, weekend gardeners may be armed with a trowel and a lawn mower, the tools used on the industrial scale are a far cry from the van-load of equipment used by gardening contractors and professionals. In order to maintain gardens and outdoor spaces on an industrial scale, the equipment used by these workers must also be of a similar stature. With that in mind, Oak Garden Machinery details the everyday toolkit used by gardening contractors and professionals in their latest blog post.


Although it may not be as technologically advanced as other items that will feature on this last, pitchforks are still a staple part of every gardening contractors toolkit. Used often in the industry of groundskeeping and landscaping, pitchforks aerate grass, aiding the natural draining process of a lawn and ensuring the grass does not become oversaturated. Lawns are incredibly vulnerable to different elements and require constant attention in order to remain pristine, and a pitchfork is a key weapon in a gardeners arsenal for achieving this.

Lawn Mowers / Accessories

Lawn care is right at the centre of gardening and landscaping mind, and lawn mowers are the number one tool for ensuring the health and happiness of a lawn. Although mowers keep a lawn neat and tidy, they are also accompanied by a number of accessories that contribute to the clean and tidy finish most clients are after. Trimmers, for example, are regularly used by gardening contractors to refine the edges of gardens, outdoor spaces and other landscaping areas.

Earth Augers / Cultivators

Stepping away from the prettier, pruning side of things, and another part of a gardening contractors job is to carry out the heavy, more industrious work. Garden machinery, such as earth augers and cultivators, help prepare the ground for planting and for weed control. On a grand scale, these machines can help soften up land quickly and efficiently, getting it ready for land work in a matter of no time.

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