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Chainsaw Maintenance: Our Guide to the Basics

Posted on 15th August 2018

Despite what their appearances throughout pop culture would have you believe, chainsaws are precision instruments that require care, attention, and proper maintenance. To ensure that your chainsaw continues to function as it should, follow our guide to chainsaw maintenance.

We’ve broken in down into a number of different sections to make it easy as possible to follow. The most important thing to remember throughout this piece is to proceed with caution. Chainsaws have the potential to be dangerous, so we’d strongly advise you to never attempt any of this work on your own, and to seek the help of someone else if you’re inexperienced.


Chainsaws are designed for cutting, so we need to keep them sharp! By filing the chainsaw’s chain, you can do exactly that with relative ease. The cutting teeth should be the primary recipients of this attention, but it’s also important not to neglect the depth gauges. You should file your depth gauges roughly every third time you file the teeth.

Allowing the teeth on a chainsaw to blunt can lead to excessive fuel consumption and, in some cases, damage to the instrument itself. It’s also much better to file the chainsaw frequently than it is to leave it for an elongated period of time. You know that phrase, “little and often”? Well that’s appropriate here.


Dirt and grime will inhibit the performance of your chainsaw, unsurprisingly. The main areas for your attention when it comes to cleanliness should be the chain brake band, the saw’s bar, the air filter, and the cooling fins.

You should also pay attention to the chainsaw’s flywheel fins, as these can block the cooling engine’s air if dirty.


In order to effectively carry out comprehensive chainsaw maintenance, you’ll also need to change the chain and bar every so often. Ensure that you buy your new chain and bar from a reputable supplier and, once again, that you’re extremely careful when carrying out the work.

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