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Push Rollers: Why They’re Worth Investing In

Posted on 27th July 2018

Lawns, whether they’re small ones at the back of your house or vast pieces of land on country estates, require looking after. During the height of summer, it can be incredibly difficult to successfully do so.

Here, Oak Garden Machinery are taking a look at one of the essential pieces of equipment when it comes to lawn care: the push roller. Often overlooked and neglected, the push roller can provide numerous benefits for your lawn. Let’s take a look at some of those below.

Starting from scratch

If you’re laying a new lawn, rolling is almost always necessary. In order to get the turf to set, and to start things off evenly, running a decent push roller over the ground is definitely advisable. Air pockets can also sometimes become an issue, but these can also be taken care of by attentive rolling.

Keeping things flat

A large number of different presences on your lawn can cause unevenness. Whether that’s the work of insects, pets, or energetic children, it’s always good to have something you can use to flatten your grass.

A push roller is absolutely perfect for such scenarios. Yes, if it’s a huge lawn then a towed roller is likely going to get things done a lot quicker, but there’s much more scope for precision and care when using smaller equipment. That’s not to say that there’s no time or place for larger varieties of the roller – just know what you’re looking for. If it’s precision and delicacy, then a push roller is absolutely perfect and should be used somewhere in the process.

Simple and cost-effective

A lot of people simply don’t have the budget for towed or sit-on rollers. Push rollers provide a reasonably-priced option that’s still extremely effective.

A word of warning

You may not have noticed, but it’s hot at the moment in England. That means you need to be extremely careful with your push roller. Whenever it’s hot, grass is a lot more easily-damaged, so it’s worth erring on the side of caution in weather such as this.

Never leave your push roller out on the lawn, either. Doing so will completely stunt the growth of the surrounding grass and that directly underneath the equipment. Keep your push roller away in a secure location, and only use it if it’s absolutely necessary in this kind of heat.

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